Valentine’s 2017: The Top Allergy-Friendly Chocolates, Gummies and More

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Published: February 7, 2017

Just when the winter blues start to get you down, along comes Valentine’s Day to spice things up! Since few things go with romance like chocolate and sweets, here are our allergy-friendly suggestions for safe goodies sure to melt every heart.

All products are available in the United States & Canada
Note: Always read labels to make sure ingredients haven’t changed.



Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Shower your sweetest little Valentine with love in the form of delectable, nut-free chocolate from Vermont Nut Free. Available in milk or dark chocolate, each “‘Lil Sweetheart Gift Pack” includes 12 mini hearts, one heart pop and one small chocolate bar.
Free of: Peanuts and tree nuts.
(Contains milk, egg, soy and gluten.)


Surf Sweets

Looking to say “I Love You” in the cutest of ways? Then Surf Sweets’ colorful Fruity Hearts are just the thing. These organic cherry and watermelon gummies are available in large bags for sharing and in party packs with 20 treat-sized bags. Hand them out to your nearest and dearest or sneak a few for when you need a little love.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.



Amore di Mona

Flowers are fine for some gals (and guys) but we’ll bet that chic, European-style sweets from Amore di Mona will be a bigger hit. Free of the top 8 allergens, these assorted vegan caramels and chocolates are a luxurious way to make your chocoholic feel truly loved. Gift boxes available in various sizes and shapes.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.




This Valentine’s Day, show someone you really care with the gift of Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers heart-shaped candies. Not only do these cheery cherry chews come in nine juicy flavors but they’re also top-8-allergen free and packed with vitamin C!
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.



If finding allergen-friendly treats seems as hard as meeting that special someone, you’ll find plenty to love at Divvies. Plan a movie night with bags of caramel and kettle corn made for sharing or end the night on a sweet note with chocolate hearts bursting with crispy rice.
Free of: Peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs and gluten. (Contains soy.)

TruJoy_Heart_Lollipop_Pack (1)

TruJoy Sweets

No need to wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day. Just dole out TruJoy Sweets’ all natural, cherry-flavored, heart-shaped lollipops and your feelings will be crystal clear.
Free of: Peanuts, tree nuts and gluten
Available at select Whole Foods, specialty stores and supermarkets.


No Whey! Foods

For tiny treats or grandiose gestures, No Whey! Chocolate has you covered. From vegan “I Love You” pops made of luscious, milk-free chocolate to charming boxes of truffle pralines in lemon and lime ganache, there’s something special for every Valentine on your list.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.




If Valentine’s Day in your house is more about chaos than cupid, be prepared with gummy bears from YumEarth. The organic cherry, peach and strawberry-flavored treats are now available in special 20-count bags decorated just for the holiday.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.



Pascha Chocolate

Planning to create your own special dessert for the family? Then stock up on Pascha Chocolate’s organic, vegan chocolate chips to bake decadent, allergy-friendly Valentine’s goodies. Add some “Make me smile!” chocolate fruit spread, if you really want to take things over the top.
Free of: Top 8 allergens and

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Smarties love-heartsSmarties (U.S.)

Smarties Love Hearts (known as Rockets in Canada – see below) are a favorite on Valentine’s Day. Adorned with romantic messages, these candies will melt hearts left, right and sweet-dissolving center. Available at pharmacies and grocers throughout the U.S. and online.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.

Rockets (Canada)

Rockets Love HeartsRockets (known as Smarties in the U.S. – see above) have passed the test of time as a delicious treat for special occasions. So Rockets Love Hearts are the perfect Valentine’s option. Adorned with cute romantic messages, these treats will help renew your sweetheart’s affection – or capture your crush’s attention! Available in pharmacies and grocers throughout Canada.
Free of: All Top 8 allergens and gluten.

See’s Note on Conversation Hearts and Allergens Here.

Food-Free Fun


Mello Smello

Perfect for the classroom, Mello Smello offers tattoo and “Make-it, Play-it” Valentines with everything from sticker puzzles, gel clings, magnets and more to choose from.
Available at Walmart, CVS in U.S. and select Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada