Baking With No Milk or Eggs

There is no need to forego favorite family recipes, even if following a free-from diet. With the right ingredient substitutions, those beloved holiday desserts will make the transition flawlessly. The most important thing to consider when making substitutions is the purpose of the original ingredient. Take buttermilk for example. It adds a slight tang and… Read more »

Gluten-Free Pastry

With gluten-free anything, I think it’s important not to compare the gluten-free item with the wheat-flour counterpart. They truly are different things in every way. Pastry is no exception. The science of the dough is not the same, the handling and the end product are all a little different. So when setting out to make… Read more »

Working With Pastry

Pastry can be a tricky beast, so here are a couple of suggestions to make the roll-out go smoothly. 1. Heat is your enemy. Keep that in mind, and that it’s everywhere in the kitchen, especially on your hands. So once you have your pastry dough made, don’t handle it too much. – If you… Read more »

Substituting Eggs

Q My daughter is allergic to eggs. Should I use a store-bought egg replacer, or is it better to make my own substitute? Do you know of any good homemade egg substitutes? A Eggs perform different functions in various types of food, so choosing one egg substitute over another really depends on what you’re making.… Read more »