Allergic Living Special Edition e-Magazine – Coming Soon!

Introducing the digital "next generation" of Allergic Living. With fresh content, advice and outstanding reporting, in a digital format you can read on all your devices.

Allergic Living is undergoing an exciting transition to a fully digital format. As of June 2019, we will offer subscribers the first of our new Allergic Living Special Edition e-Magazines. These take the place of the Allergic Living print magazine. Each e-magazine will be a standalone "big topic" guide, reporting in-depth on an important allergy topic, and featuring expert guidance and riveting journalistic investigation.

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Inside the First Allergic Living e-Magazine

Managing Food Allergy Anxiety

Articles will include: Helping your child to break through anaphylaxis and food fears, guiding you to a place of calm control, actionable expert advice, strategies for better quality of life and frank discussion from food-allergic teens and adults.

Available June 2019

Also coming for November 2019

Teens, Young Adults & Food Allergies

This guide will help you and your food-allergic teen navigate the transition to adulthood. From the peer pressure and brain development risks that teens face, to helping young allergic adults learn to manage college dining halls, dating and social situations.

Available November 2019