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NEWS August 2019

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Alternatives Gain Ground as EpiPen Shortage Drags On

Allergic Living reports the latest in the 15-month-old EpiPen and Mylan generic auto-injector shortage. The company is "expediting shipments," yet some pharmacists report struggling to locate the devices. Learn also about a market shift, as patients embrace an array of alternative devices. READ

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Teens, Food Allergies and School Trips

Overnight school trips offer a vital opportunity for teens to step into a leadership role in managing their own food allergies. Meet amazing students who share best tips: from roommates to restaurant selecting and training peers on allergy rules and using an auto-injector. May this article inspire many successful high school trips. READ

Wowbutter Canyon Bakehouse


Study Uncovers T Cell Subset That Drives Anaphylaxis

Viaskin Peanut Patch Submitted to FDA for Licensing Consideration

Sesame Allergy More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

Boy Scout Successfully Rescued in Wilderness After Food Reaction

Lobby for In-Flight Auto-Injectors Gains Celebrity Muscle

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Let's Talk About Anxiety

We asked: "If you feel stuck in food allergy stress, tell us your story." Editor Gwen Smith says that the resulting outpouring was "as huge as it was heartbreaking," and inspired our new "Food Allergy Anxiety Guide." Gwen writes now about the need for far greater awareness of the psychological burden of food allergy. READ

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Food Allergy & School: Big Issues To Address

As students with food allergies head back to school, expert Thanita Glancey provides and all-ages guide to questions about: the school bus, the cafeteria, lockers, carrying medicine, school dances and more. READ

Plus, our school planning list.

Living Gluten-Free

What's Gluten-Free and What's Not?

On a gluten-free diet, is 'wheat starch' safe? What about maltodextrin, spices or vinegar? Our experts have the answers. READ

Novel Celiac Guidelines

Now addressed: slow responders, brain symptoms and more. READ

Choco-licious Zucchini Bread
Chocolate Chip-Zucchini Bread

Transform your garden zucchini into a delicious dessert! In this Allergic Living recipe, rich chocolate and warm brown sugar complement earthy zucchini for a superbly moist and delicious loaf. Free of gluten and top allergens. GET RECIPE

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Just Launched: Food Allergy Anxiety Guide

In Allergic Living's first digital magazine, the "Food Allergy Anxiety Guide," readers meet families dealing with anaphylaxis aftermath, and those who learned not to let allergies "become the walls of life." Plus, TV star Auggie Maturo inspires with a proactive allergy approach.

Experts offer illuminating guidance, and not to be missed: our podcast on taming food allergy anxiety, for the parent and the child.


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